Master Planning

TPA has successfully completed master plans for communities across Southern California that have turned into places where communities can grow to become livable neighborhoods. Master Planning is an essential part of projects that are dealing with undisturbed land that requires many components, including open space, parks and recreation, residential, commercial, and sometimes even industrial spaces. The art of Master Planning must take elements of urban design and create a mold for each specific project. TPA can create master plans for clients who have an interest in developing their land into successful projects that will create great communities and desirable places to live. 

Specific Plans

Some projects require the use of Specific Plans and Specific Plan Amendments to create clients' various goals. Some project are larger than normal, but not quite large enough to create a master plan, and this is when specific plans are required. Through specific plans, the client can demonstrate to the corresponding government agencies what their goals are for the project and present these goals in a concise and well thought out method. Specific Plan Amendments are needed sometimes in order to change an existing specific plan, but not have to recreate it. These amendments require extensive research and editing, in order to mold the existing specific plan to be molded into the client's goals. 

Site Planning/Street Scapes

In the urban design context, site planning is an essential part of every project. Site planning is what dictates and begins the conversation of a specific space's character and personality. The site planning part of each project happens at the beginning of the project because this is what dictates the entitlements needed and what other regulatory permits might be necessary. Site planning also requires the planning team to study their surroundings and make sure the project blends in with the surrounding community. This includes sidewalk interaction, fencing, street trees, and even signage. All these elements affect the street scape around the project. 

Street scape design allows TPA to research the context of the project within its surrounding community. This allows for the project to become fluid and interactive with the street surrounding it. TPA can create street scape plans, not just for the project itself, but for streets in their singularity. Street scape plans are part of the urban design and context of the city, and give neighborhood their character and diversity. TPA can help elevate that diversity and push it into the spotlight so that visitors and residents of various communities understand communities in a greater way.  

Preliminary Architecture

TPA has the capability to produce preliminary architecture in-house and save on architecture costs for clients. Preliminary architecture requires important detailed design that can be done quickly in house by the TPA team. Our capabilities include drafting, site design, building placement, street design, 3D visualization, and rendering.