Project Management

TPA has extensive experience managing development projects. From idea creation to ribbon cutting, TPA staff has seen hundreds of commercial projects begin the entitlement process and open to the public. Our team will manage all consultants involved in the project, arrange for their work to be ready for entitlement submittals, edits technical reports, and push through environmental regulations and regulatory permits. 

Feasibility Studies 

Many clients have great ideas about what they want to create on their particular sites. These ideas translate to concepts on paper, and then become permits needed for construction. However, cost studies are necessary and very important for projects to become realistic. Many additional details and materials are added by other consultants and raise the possible costs of projects. Some of those details are not necessary until later stages of the project, or not needed at all. Feasibility studies and pro-formas, completed in house, will help clients review all their options in regards to costs and quality, and make informed decisions about costs.

Site Investigation Reports

SIRs or Site Investigation Reports, are part of a package TPA prepares called a Site Investigation Package. These reports detail and describe current conditions of a site, current zoning and general plan information, possible fees needed for entitlement processing, and contacts needed at various agencies that will be useful for project development

Request for Proposals Preparation 

TPA has experience preparing clients' applications for public projects. TPA knows the process of the Requests for Proposals process and will prepare presentations, proposal brochures with graphics, work with other consultants to make the proposal process go smoothly and successful. Once the proposal has been won, TPA can continue to provide proposal services to make sure the client is the selected developer for that particular project and steer clients into the Exclusive Negotiating  Agreement stage.