Land Use Studies

The Planning Associates (TPA) provides a broad variety of land use studies for private sector clients. TPA prepares an evaluation of potential use locations with a critical analysis of opportunities and constraints including economic development, redevelopment, biological, endangered species, and hazardous materials evaluations.

Community Relations

TPA interacts and studies the communities it is working in. These neighborhoods are vibrant and the people in them must be engaged early in the development process. TPA programs community outreach plans and meetings to provide the community information on intentions for sites around their homes. Community input is then taken and inserted into the design of the project for a better overall design. 


Over 30 years of experience in California has allowed TPA to process over 600 land use projects in over 90 political jurisdictions. The firm has a complete understanding of the General Plan, Zoning, Conditional Use Permit, Variance, and other state and local entitlement procedures. Staff at TPA has been trained in the public sector and have transferred their skills to private land use needs.